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HEAT – en roll on, der føles som en varmepude HEAT – en roll on, der føles som en varmepude

HEAT - a roll-on that feels like a heating pad

Heat is a roll-on that feels like a heating pad when applied to the skin. The warming effect typically occurs shortly after it's rolled on.

If you spend many hours in front of a screen during your day, you probably know the nagging tension in your lower back or neck, which often happens on days when you really don't have time. Or the stinging sensation in your lower abdomen when you have your period (if you're a woman), on days when your mood may not be at its best. If you do, don't despair! For most people, Heat roll-on will feel like the most wonderful, soothing heating pad on the areas it's rolled on.

Most of us are familiar with the wonderful feeling of a heating pad landing on either a cold or sore spot on the body. Now you can have that feeling in a form that you can carry in your handbag wherever you go, easily and conveniently. Heat, the warming roll-on, typically feels a bit like a heating pad where it's rolled on the skin. The effect usually occurs within a few minutes, where the warmth slowly spreads in the area, thus allowing the muscles to relax.

Heat is designed as a roll-on, so you can easily apply it to the skin wherever you can reach, without getting greasy fingers.

Your imagination is the only limit to where on the skin you can use Heat; whether it's up in your hairline if you have tension in your neck, down along your spine for lower back pain, or right over your thighs after an intense workout. You just roll it on and let the warmth spread, much like a heating pad would do.

Heat - the warming roll-on is a cosmetic product intended to moisturize the skin and, in addition, provide a warming sensation on the skin where it's used, should you be tempted to try it.


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