Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products. If you need more information, you are always more than welcome to contact us by email: info@canacare.com


Can Cana Care products be used by pregnant women?

All Cana Care products can generally be used by pregnant women. Some products contain perfume, and should be used with care.

Which Cana Care products are suitable for children?

The best Cana Care products for children are Repair and Rest. Rest is especially great for active children, children with motor restlessness and children with growing pains. It can be used daily. We recommend Repair for a wide variety of things: Scratches, mosquito bites, atopic skin, dry skin areas, red noses and other minor skin irritations. And of course, it works just as well for adults as it does for children!

I have a lot of muscle tension. What products do you recommend?

People with a lot of muscle tension, for example in the back or neck, will often benefit from and enjoy using Relax and Heat. Relax can have a calming effect, while the moisturizing Heat has a warming effect, and together they can provide a feeling of relaxation and relief. Relax can be used on a daily basis. Heat is used as needed.

Are there any Cana Care products that are good for menopause?

There are many different symptoms of menopause, and most of them are not very pleasant. That's why menopausal women deserve lots of self-pampering. And Cana Care can certainly help with that. Many menopausal women find great joy in using the magnesium-rich Relax daily; and if you're looking for a little more wellness, Relief is highly recommended.

If you're a menopausal woman who wants to keep your skin hydrated and supple, we recommend applying Embrace after showering.

What is the difference between Relax and Rest?

Relax and Rest contain, among other things, magnesium, which is known to reduce restlessness and contribute to muscle recovery, for example after exercise. RELAX has an exceptionally high concentration of magnesium which makes it particularly great for use in connection with physical exercise or muscle tension. REST is somewhat milder than RELAX which makes it especially great for use at bedtime. It is a favorite among many who suffer from restlessness, growing pains and for pregnant women.

The skin on my knuckles crack in cold weather, what can I do?

Many people find that their hands become very exposed in freezing weather. First and foremost, it is important to wear gloves whenever you can, but if your hands are exposed or damaged, we recommend applying SOFT during the day and REPAIR before bedtime

My nose is red and chapped when I have a cold, what can help?

If your nose is red and chapped when you have a cold, try applying Repair a few times a day after blowing your nose - it helps for most people.

Can Cana Care help with my heel spur?

Heel spurs are often caused by physical overload and therefore require relief and possibly professional treatment. In addition, we recommend foot baths with Relief bath salts with magnesium. Many experience that the warming sensation is both pleasant and has a positive effect.

I suffer from breast sores - what do I do?

Many women experience breast sores during the initiation of breastfeeding. The most important thing to remedy this is to ensure that the baby is latching on correctly so that there is no uneven or excessive pressure on the nipples. Nevertheless, many breastfeeding mothers will experience breast tenderness, and Repair Balm, with its many beneficial properties, is ideal for use during breastfeeding. Simply apply the balm to the breast after each feeding. It doesn't need to be washed off.

Does magnesium help with growing pains?

It's not entirely clear why growing pains occur, which makes it difficult to give concrete answers on how to overcome them. However, our experience from our thousands of customers is that many benefit greatly from using Rest with children who are suffering from growing pains.


Can Heat be used by breastfeeding mothers?

Heat can be used by breastfeeding mothers, but the product - or the skin where the product is applied - should not come into direct contact with the baby.

Can Heat be used on children?

We do not recommend Heat for use on small children because the warming effect for some can be very intense. Because the product contains chili extract, which can be quite hot/spicy if put in the mouth, it should be kept out of reach of children.

What do I do if Heat feels too hot?

Since the skin is a large, living organ, there can be differences in how Heat feels when applied. If you feel that the warming effect is too intense, it can be alleviated by applying oil to the area.


On which parts of the body should Relax be applied?

We recommend applying Relax to the skin where it feels best and where you need soothing. For most people, this will typically be on the legs or arms, but it can also be used on the back, neck or stomach.

Can Relax be used for children?

Yes, it can, but for children we always recommend starting with Rest. Active children or children who are prone to growing pains or the like can benefit greatly from Relax or Rest.

Relax stings/itches when used, is this normal?

Due to the high salt content, it is completely normal for Relax to sting/itch when the product is used on the skin. Just like you might have heard about skin having a reaction when swimming in the Dead Sea, which is incredibly salty. If stinging/itching occurs, we recommend applying the product to wet skin to reduce the concentration of the product slightly. Another recommendation is to apply a mild lotion or great oil onto the skin afterwards. If the stinging or itching persists, we recommend using Rest instead.


On which parts of the body should Rest be applied?

REST can generally be used all over the body as long as the skin is intact. However, for most people it will make most sense to use it on the legs before bedtime. A suggested application method is to spray the product into your hands and massage it well into your legs and feet.

Is REST for children or adults?

REST is for both children and adults who have trouble finding calmness before bedtime. Whether the restlessness is due to growing pains, soreness, or general unease, massaging with REST will make a significant difference for most.


Can I use GROW while pregnant?

Like all other Cana Care products, you can generally use Grow while pregnant. However, we always recommend that pregnant women use cosmetic products with care. Even though our active ingredients are 100% natural and contain no perfume or parabens. In other words, it's up to you to decide.

Will GROW make my hair greasy?

No, Grow is non-greasy, so you can use it both morning and evening - even if you don't necessarily wash your hair every day 🙂


Can Repair be used by children?

Repair is excellent for kids! It's great for everything from red bottoms, cold cheeks, dry fingers, dry lips and red noses to bruised knees, minor rashes and other minor skin irritations.

Can Repair be used on eczema or atopic skin?

Repair is great for all skin types, on people of all ages. In our experience, our customers with atopic skin benefit greatly from Repair.


Can Treat Foot Cream help with dry feet?

Treat Foot Cream is great for dry feet. Feel free to use it daily after your shower. Since it absorbs quickly, it's a breeze to use.

Should I use foot cream after a foot bath?

It is entirely up to you if you want to use foot cream after your foot bath, but in order to help your feet thrive as best as possible, we do recommend applying Treat Foot Cream afterwards.

How often should I use foot cream?

You can use foot cream daily. Treat is a fast-absorbing foot cream that makes it easy and convenient to do so after showering - without the risk of leaving greasy stains on the floor afterwards.


Can Embrace be used for psoriasis?

There's no issue with using Embrace if you have psoriasis. It contains many beneficial oils rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which should benefit most skin types. Additionally, due to its content of hydrasalinol, it can contribute to maintaining the skin's moisture balance by promoting the production and transport of urea to the skin, which is crucial, especially for individuals with problematic skin.