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Vokseværk og magnesium Vokseværk og magnesium

Growth Pains and Magnesium

Magnesium can contribute positively to avoiding growing pains

Many children experience what we commonly call "growing pains" during certain periods. In reality, there isn't a precise understanding of what growing pains are or what causes them. It's not an illness, fortunately, but it's often described as pain, typically in the legs or sometimes in the arms, occurring in children toward bedtime or during the night. The pain is often worse after a day of increased activity, but there is no absolute correlation.

According to, the best treatment for growing pains is to acknowledge and comfort the child. Since growing pains are not related to any diseases or reduced mobility of any kind, it's important to reassure the child that the condition is not dangerous.

However, there are actually several things that can be done to alleviate the problem, even before it arises.

First and foremost, it's important for the child to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as dehydration can contribute to an increased risk of cramps and restlessness in the legs.

Additionally, stretching the legs and gentle massage from the bottom up is believed to make a difference.

Because magnesium contributes to normal fluid balance, normal bones, and normal muscle function, many people find that a good magnesium serum can also have a positive impact in avoiding growing pains. Yes, you read that right. Magnesium can actually contribute positively to avoiding growing pains because it helps bring the body, especially muscles and bones, into balance. Magnesium can be obtained through the diet, dietary supplements, and it can also be applied to the body through magnesium-rich skincare products. For children, it's often difficult to swallow pills, so it's advantageous to deliver magnesium through the skin; the mineral is absorbed locally where it is sprayed and applied.

In Cana Care, for example, we have the magnesium-rich Relax Mild, which, in addition to soothing and maintaining the skin's barrier, can also be used with children prone to growing pains.

Relax Mild is sprayed directly onto the skin, such as on the legs, ideally every night before bedtime. If the child finds it pleasant, it can be combined with gentle, warm massage.

Some children (and adults) may experience a tingling sensation when using magnesium serum. This is due to the high salt content and can often be alleviated by applying the product to damp skin, such as after a bath, and then moisturizing the skin with a mild lotion or a good oil afterward. As the body's level of the mineral increases with daily use, the tingling sensation will diminish.


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