Natural hair serum


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Concentrated hair serum, which with its completely unique composition of natural, effective ingredients not only contributes to reducing hair loss, but also to support and promote the regeneration of the hair follicles.

To achieve the most optimal effect, we recommend that you use 2-3 pipettes morning and evening for a minimum of 90 days. A consumption during this period corresponds to approx. 3 bottles.

The product contains no perfume and is non-greasy - not even if you use it for several days in a row without washing your hair.

Contains 100 ml

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Hero ingredients

ANAGAIN - An active ingredient extracted from pea seeds (Pisum sativum) that has been shown to have several beneficial properties for hair. In short, it can help hair growth, contribute to thicker and stronger hair, improve hair quality and reduce hair loss.
Anagain is known for its hair growth stimulating properties. It helps to activate the hair roots and prolong the hair growth phase, which can help to reduce hair loss and promote healthy and fuller hair growth. By stimulating the hair roots and improving microcirculation in the scalp, Anagain can help promote thicker and stronger hair strands. It can be particularly beneficial for people who are experiencing hair loss or have thin and weak hair. Anagain can also have beneficial effects on hair quality. It can help to improve hair elasticity, shine and resistance to damage caused by environmental factors, styling and chemical treatments. Anagain has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing hair loss. By strengthening hair roots and improving the hair growth cycle, it can help reduce excessive hair loss and promote healthy hair follicle activity.

CAPILIA LONGA - A Natural extract of turmeric root, which can help to improve blood circulation to the hair roots, strengthen hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. It contains active compounds including curcumin, which has proven anti-inflammatory properties. This can be helpful in reducing inflammation in the skin and in soothing irritation-related conditions such as acne, rosacea and scalp eczema.

CUCUMIS SATIVUS FRUIT WATER - Better known as cucumber extract, this ingredient is known for its moisturizing properties. It can help improve skin hydration by adding and retaining moisture, which can be beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin. Cucumber extract has a natural soothing and cooling effect on the skin. It can help reduce redness, irritation and sensitivity and relieve sunburn or skin irritation caused by external factors. Cucumber extract contains active compounds including flavonoids and antioxidants that have proven anti-inflammatory properties. This can be helpful in reducing inflammation in the skin and relieving conditions such as acne, eczema or rosacea.

How to

Apply two pipettes of hair serum to the scalp, right at the hair follicles and massage the product thoroughly in. Use morning and evening for best results.
One pipette corresponds to one press of the rubber cap. This means that one pipette results in there "only" being product in about 1/3 of the tube. Once you have drawn up one pipette - about 1/3 full tube - bring it up to the scalp and slowly distribute it, a few drops at a time, so that with two (or possibly three) pipettes you have the feeling of having the product distributed across most of the scalp. Then massage the product into the scalp. The scalp is where the magic happens!
If you only wish to use Grow Hair Serum in certain areas of the scalp, for example around the temples or on the top of the head, we recommend applying one or two pipettes to the area and a small amount - one pipette - to other areas of the scalp. This way you create an overall balance in the scalp, which is essential for reducing hair loss and for optimal regeneration of the hair follicles.
For real results, use Grow twice daily for a period of at least three months.
If you use two pipettes morning and evening, one bottle will last approximately 35 days.

Favorite of...

Grow is a favorite with people who suffer from hair loss, for example after
- Illness
- Stress
- Pregnancy

People who want to give their hair the optimal conditions for healthy growth.
People who want to strengthen the structure of their hair.
People who have problems with scalp imbalance.


Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Propanediol, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Water, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract, Glycerin, Sodium
Benzoate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Ubiquinone, Lecithin, Phenoxyethanol, Phytic acid, Pisum
Sativum (Pea) Sprout Extract, Vegetable Oil, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate
Contains 100 ml

Product information

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Jeg er glad for dette produkt
Kan allerede se der sker noget.
Dog kan jeg ikke få en flaske til at række til 30 dage. Hvis jeg skal bruge den som anbefalede, så holder en flakse max i 3 uger..
Så lidt misvisende med hensyn hvor meget produkt man skal bruge/bruger..
I forhold til hvad ser det gør for mit hår så giver jeg 5⭐️
Men i forhold til hvor længen en flaske max rækker for mig så bliver det 3 ⭐️


Virkelig et produkt jeg har set en forskel med, jeg bruger det dagligt sammen med growth shampoo fra matas og hår vitaminer.
Jeg har set en god forskel og kan mærke hvordan jeg er ved at få mit hår tilbage som har været helt knækket af.
Det er nemt at påføre og bruge og så er jeg gald for det ikke fedter mit hår og at jeg stadig kan gå 3-4 dage uden at vaske hår


Den 21 Jan 2024 bestilte jeg Grow for første gang. Bruger den 2 gange om dagen med den anbefalede “dosis”.
Må indrømme at jeg var skeptisk, men gav det en chance. Mu er det gået 19 dage og kan begynde at mærke og se en forskel. Nåede desværre ikke at tage billeder.

Pga. Sygdom og graviditet begyndte jeg at få bare pletter her og der.

Den er nem at påføre i vådt hår og tørt hår. Man får en forklaring med i pakken, hvor der står at man skal være opmærksom på at låget løsner sig lidt, men når man har fået det i en rutine så husker man at stramme det efter.

Den eneste ulempe er at når man ikke vasker håret så ofte kan det godt ligne at håret er lidt fedet i starten.

Det er bestemt ikke sidste gang, hvor jeg køber GROW.

Charlotte Madsen

Det virker rent faktisk og meget bedre end forventet. Man kan tydeligt se forskel og der gror masser af nyt hår ud allerede efter et par måneders brug.
Elsker det ❤️

Louise Koldkjær Andersen


Maria høier
Fantastisk produkt

Jeg har brugt Grow i et godt stykke tid og det er et fantastisk produkte. Jeg har fået et mere fyldig hår og i mine tindingerer har jeg fået håret tilbage 😊

Jacqueline Jacoponi

Det virker!


Grow er nem at bruge og fedter ikke håret. Desværre er Grow meget tynd og “løber” allerede inden pipettens indhold er fordelt ud i håret (eller også gør jeg det forkert).
Jeg har dog ikke brugt den længe nok til at se en effekt, men er meget spændt på at se hvad Grow kan gøre for mit hår 😊

Jannie Schiermer
Fint produkt

Bruger det hver dag 👍🏻 Jeg synes dog det er dyrt 🤭


Studies show

Research on the effects of Anagain conducted by the Skin Test Institute in Switzerland showed the following:

A decrease in hair density in telogen phase observed in 85% of participants.
Increased hair density in anagen phase observed in 75% of participants.
An increase in the growth coefficient (ratio between the number of anagen hairs and the number of telogen hairs) observed in 85% of participants.
After three months of use:
85% noticed slight to strong hair regrowth.
95% noticed a slight to substantial slowdown in hair loss.
80% experienced that their hair was less prone to breakage.
70% felt their hair was more resilient.
95% noticed a small to large improvement in the appearance of their hair.


Like all other products from Cana Care, you can generally use Grow while pregnant. However, we always recommend using cosmetic products with caution during pregnancy. Our founder, Cana Buttenschøn, is, after all, a trained midwife. We kindly encourage pregnant individuals to consider, as a precautionary measure in line with the recommendations of the health authorities, whether it makes sense to wait until after childbirth to use the product. Even though our active ingredients are 100% natural and the product contains neither perfume nor parabens. In other words, it's up to you to decide ❤️.


No, Grow does not make your hair greasy, so you can confidently use it both in the morning and evening—even if you don't necessarily wash your hair every day 🙂.


Yes! It is completely normal and fortunately has no impact on the product's effectiveness. Because GROW is a concentrated hair serum created from good, natural ingredients, there may be some separation of the active ingredients, which can appear as "grit" or small flakes in the product. If you experience this, simply ensure the lid is tightly screwed on and shake the bottle well before dispensing the product into the dropper. This ensures that the active ingredients are evenly distributed, maintaining consistent effectiveness every time you use the product.


Yes! Grow helps reduce hair loss in both men and women. So, if you're a man (or if you know a man) who has started experiencing hair loss, it's definitely a good time to start using GROW. In addition to helping with less hair loss, GROW also supports natural, healthy hair growth.

About this product

Hair loss - among both men and women - is often a very taboo subject. Our hair isn't just about how we look. For many, part of our identity and sense of self-worth lies in our hair. So, what do we do when our hair doesn't grow the way it used to? Or if it falls out? The answer is not straightforward, but as with most things when it comes to our bodies, the best we can do is to give our body optimal support, both internally and externally. A healthy and varied diet, plenty of water and great fatty acids - and a good, concentrated hair serum that can provide the scalp and hair follicles with the best possible conditions for healthy and beautiful hair.
Grow Concentrated Hair Serum from Cana Care may very well become your best buddy in the bathroom. At least if you dream of healthy and luscious hair.
Grow is a concentrated hair serum that with its unique composition of ingredients not only contributes to reducing hair loss, but also to stimulating and promoting the regeneration of hair follicles.
This product contains, among other things, Capilia Longa and Anagain, which have clinically proven effects.